Welcome to Life Transition Services™

Each Day 10,000 Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age!

The KEY Question is:
“Do you, your spouse, & family know how to handle the challenges of aging?” Unfortunately, Your ANSWER is probably…….NO!

The TRUTH is:
Confused about how to navigate the raging currents of aging, individuals and families lack a plan for “Moving Forward Into a New Future”. In other words, they are “Frozen in Place”.

The NEED is:
Professional advice on how to create a simple PLAN for a healthy, stress-free transition into your Senior Season of Life!

How my Life Transition Advisory Service can help you

Using my umpteen-plus decades’ experience as an advisor & educator, I’ll help you create a personalized Life Transition Plan that will help you transition into your Senior Season of Life.

Armed with your customized Life Transition Plan, you’ll have HOW-TO SOLUTIONS for dealing with:

  1. Downsizing & Liquidating personal & real property assets,
  2. Updating Personal, Professional, & Legal documents,
  3. Analyze future lifestyle options to include decisions about:
    • Renovating your current residence for Aging-In-Place, or
    • Relocating to the care of an Adult Child or Adult Community.
  • Simply Put:
    1st… I’ll help you create a written plan for your future that will provide you with confidence & peace of mind as you move forward into your New Future!
    2nd… I’ll provide on-going advice & counsel to help you update your plan to effectively adapt to (& manage) your new environment.

Bottom Line:

    Chuck’s Life Transition Advisory Services will Turn Your Difficult Challenges into Simple Solutions!SM