Welcome to Life Transition Services™

Each Day 10,000 Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age!

The KEY Question is:
“Are we prepared to handle the emerging challenges created by our rapidly aging society?” The Unfortunate ANSWER ………….NO!

The TRUTH is:
Boomer & Family resources are already over-strained in their attempt to navigate the raging currents created by our massive “Senior Tsunami”.

A simple PLAN that helps Seniors (& their families) transition into the Senior Season of Life!

What’s my Story?

My umpteen-plus decades’ consulting & teaching experience helped me create the New-Life PlanSM which provides an impressive platform of “moving forward” services for seniors & their families.

For example, a customized New-Life PlanSM will provide HOW-TO SOLUTIONS that will help you deal with:

  1. Downsizing & Liquidating personal & real property assets,
  2. Updating Personal & Professional documents,
  3. Renovating for Aging-In-Place, or
  4. Relocating to the care of an Adult Child or Adult Community.

What Can I Do For YOU?

  • Simply Put: I help Seniors prepare for A New Future & a New Life!

    My advisory services will help you (1) Downsize, (2) Update your Legal & Personal documents, and (3) Analyze your future living options.

  • How do I do it?
    1st…I help you design a customized New-Life PlanSM for your future!

    Solving specific needs & challenges, your New-Life PlanSM will provide you with confidence & peace of mind when transitioning into your New Future!

    2nd…I provide on-going advice & counsel to help you effectively adapt to (& manage) your new environment.

Bottom Line: A New-Life PlanSM will Turn Your Difficult Challenges into Simple Solutions!

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