Seniors & Families

The All CLEaRR! Consulting™ relationship with Seniors & Families begins with a CONFIDENTIAL meeting to define specific needs & goals of the individual or family.

Based upon a needs/goals evaluation & a signed engagement agreement, we implement the 4-steps of our New-Life Plan™. Each step helps clients resolve current challenges & creates a transition into their new future.

Step # 1 – Solution:   Consolidate their clutter!

We show the client how to Consolidate the clutter they DON’T:
  Need  Use  Fit  Want

Step # 2 – Solution:   Liquidate their clutter!  

Using proven liquidation methods, we help our client liquidate the clutter they’ve consolidated.

Now that the client is “uncluttered”, we “take a deep breath” & enter into the Evaluation Step.

Step # 3 – Solution:   Evaluate their anticipated future needs.  

Anticipating future needs help us create strategies, solutions & services for a client in the areas of:

  • Lifestyle
    • Legal
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Downsizing
      • Renovation, or
      • Relocation.
    And, based upon evaluation results, we also help clients

    Step # 4 – Solution: Renovate their current home or Relocate to a new, more manageable living environment.

    • Relocating? We coach clients thru the pro’s and con’s of selling or renting their current home and/or selecting a more manageable living environment.
    • Renovating? If a client prefers to stay in their current home, we coach them thru the process of creating a Universal Design Plan to support their lifestyle & mobility needs.