A Little Insight into Chuck, Director of SIMPLE!™

Chuck (Berry-Hoover) Boles, MA – Director of SIMPLE!™, is a Vietnam-era Military Veteran and founder of All CLEaRR! Consulting™. He maintains high moral & work ethic standards, has strong faith in our Country, and is a proud supporter of our Men and Women in uniform & Military Veterans.



Chuck’s character is best reflected by his faith in the LORD, his core values, his business practices, the companions & companies he associates with, & the quality of his clientele.

Bottom line: His firm’s consulting services make clients happy by Turning THEIR Difficult Into SIMPLE!™

In addition to business, consulting, & benevolent activities, Chuck’s passion for serving the needs of the senior community has been witnessed in many ways to include, for example, being a hospital clown to children and adults facing life-altering medical challenges. For umpteen+ decades he has enjoyed bringing “cheer & sunshine” into the lives of many which, in part, motivated his creating All CLEARR! Consulting™.

He truly lives to help individuals and families renew the world each day by living fun & doing good for others!

The following testimonials are provided to help you
better understand CHUCK, Director of SIMPLE!™

I can’t express enough gratitude to a friend who recommended All CLEaRR! Consulting™. Chuck and his team were able to help me define my life model, monitor my progress, and most importantly; created a Transition Plan for my future! My life has dramatically improved on many levels since utilizing Chuck’s methods over the past 5+ years.

I would highly recommend All CLEaRR! Consulting™ for life-organizational needs and/or advice for dealing with life’s hurdles! Yes, All CLEaRR! Consulting™ does turn difficult into simple!
Dr. T

I highly recommend All CLEaRR! Consulting™ if you’re looking to plan out your future. Chuck & his team gets you thinking “Outside the Circle” in order to build your individualized and achievable plan. They show you ways to track, organize and strategize specific directions that are key to enjoying a stress-free future.”
Dave G

Moving is a tough job. If you are downsizing – moving to a smaller place, recognizing that you have to get rid of “stuff” you have had for 40 or 50 years – well that is when you need All CLEaRR! Consulting™. With tremendous organizational skills, Chuck and his team possess integrity and commitment, deeply care about their clients, and to top it off, are fun to work with. Our New-Life Plan made our move into a Continued Care Retirement Community “a breeze”!
Linda and Bob L.

I have known Chuck for approximately four years now. . . In the ensuing 4 years, I have realized that Chuck has not only put me on the most promising path toward my future but has also helped me enormously in many other important ways as well.

Chuck and his team have been invaluable resources to me both personally and certainly, professionally as well.
Tom M

As a business owner, I want to share how I have professionally and personally benefited from the services rendered by my business coach, Chuck.

During our working relationship, I have established a genuine respect for Chuck and his abilities. I appreciate his work ethic and dedication geared toward my success. His professional recommendations and guidance have made a positive impact on how I now organize, prioritize, and lead my company on a daily basis.

Chuck is very passionate and enthusiastic about his work. He is a great motivator and business mentor. With his expertise knowledge and experience, he has been very valuable and a great asset to my business. I am excited to move forward in my company with the tools I have been given and what I have personally learned from Chuck. I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone and I look forward to continuing my business relationship with him.
Chris O.

The strong multi-disciplinary backgrounds and positive attitudes of All CLEaRR! Consulting™ will have dramatic effects in your life!

I have known Chuck for roughly 7 years and find him to be person of high moral and ethical standards. He, and his team, is always willing to go the extra mile to assist his clients. I would also say that he has endless energy when tackling any project and will give work tirelessly to see a project through to successful completion. He is a team player through and through and I would always want him on my team.
Dick H.

Chuck’s message hit home! Boy, am I glad I attended his workshop on “Thinking 80 When You’re 65!”. It really got me and my husband thinking about our future and what we have to do to prepare for it!
Not only was Chuck’s message meaningful & relevant………it was also funny! He really has a way with making you laugh and feel good.
Chuck’s performance and message leaves a lasting, positive imprint upon his audiences.
Nancy T.