So, Ask Yourself Some Basic Questions!

All CLEaRR! Consulting™ helps clients enjoy a new & better future!

Below are some of the evaluation questions we ask when designing A New-Future Plan™ for our clients. The responses help us custom-design a plan that effectively assists folks & families adapt to a new, happier, & more rewarding future.

Enjoy taking a moment to complete this brief evaluation. You might be surprised with your results!

Your Name

Your Email

Do you have “Too Much Stuff”? YesNo

Do you have “Stuff” you don’t Use, Need, Fit or Want? YesNo

Do you need to move into a living environment that YOU control? YesNo

Do you need to unclutter or downsize? YesNo

Do you have a spouse or significant other who doesn’t want to downsize? YesNo

If you want (or need) to unclutter or downsize, do you know how to begin? YesNo

Do you have the “energy” (or time) to unclutter or downsize? YesNo

Do you become overwhelmed when you think about uncluttering or downsizing? YesNo

Do you want to put off the thought of uncluttering and downsizing until “tomorrow”? YesNo

Would you rather “delegate” the chore of uncluttering or downsizing to your children? YesNo

If you don’t unclutter or downsize now, will your situation be worse next year? YesNo

Would it be “healthy” for you to:
Unclutter YesNo  — Downsize YesNo  — Relocate YesNo

Do you need someone to coach you on how to:
Unclutter YesNo  —  Downsize YesNo  — Relocate YesNo

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