The Team

From now until year 2030, there are 10,000 Baby Boomers hitting retirement age every day! In most cases, they are Totally Unprepared for the challenges faced in the aging process. They need professional assistance to better understand, prepare, and deal with the “Senior Season” of life.

Chuck Boles


WHO are we?
The UnClutter & CHUCK!™ Team are dedicated, certified professionals who specialize in helping people deal with their future. Our team helps individuals and families unclutter, downsize & build a plan for their future.

WHAT do we do?
Headquartered in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, our agency provides teams of professional resources to help people unclutter their past so they can move into a new future. Our team will help you:

—> Unclutter stuff you’ve over-collected
—> Liquidate that clutter
—> Create a Pro-active Life Roadmap for your future and, if needed
—> Renovate your current home or help you Relocate to a new one.
HOW do we do it?

Using our unique 4-step The All CLEaR! Solution™, our team helps you:
1. Consolidate your clutter! We develop a plan to consolidate the clutter you DON’T:

•Use •Need •Fit or •Want.

2. Liquidate your clutter! We help you select a strategy to liquidate your clutter.
3. Evaluate your current and future needs. We help you design a Pro-active Life Roadmap by examining your current and future concerns in the areas of:

•Lifestyle •Health •Mobility •Legal •Finance
•Insurance •Downsizing •Renovating •Relocating

and, if needed, our team will help you
4. Renovate your current home, or Relocate to a simpler living environment.

•WHERE to begin? Call/Text CHUCK @ 703-850-7400 for a confidential, no obligation meeting.